Transylvania – Wallachia Border

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Broken Tower, watch Olt

When you go toward forthe driving or train, you see, on the shores of Olt, a building that appeared like a heroic-fantasy film Hollywood. A round stone tower, like a sword cut in half giant that seems to rise from the river. The Broken Tower. One of the entrance gates in medieval Transylvania. An imposing building that has the misfortune to be admired only from the speed of the car (“a look a turn”) or to serve as a “decoration” for grataragii occasion that I use often as wind-breaks for fire where Parle small or chops or the bin for remnants of the feast “on the grass”. Formerly, it was part of a large military complex border defense Transylvania attacks coming from the south along with the cities Lotrioara, Turnu Red and Tălmaciu / Landskrona. Now it’s just a cramped tower between Olt and road heightened after “systematization” Ceausescu Olt Valley. and the point where, centuries ago, was the border with Wallachia.


Legend, history anaberration…

A merit has, from the start, Broken Tower Olt Valley. It is the most “legendary”. Alura was massive, the decor is located and that looks much older than it actually made him a kind of “Ciucã legends” and the stories pseudoistorice. It was considered by nineteenth century Roman tower, part of the “Gate of Trajan” or “Roman Gate” because here have been part of Trajan’s troops when invaded Dacia. but this romantic story has the merit of being the least picturesque and with a seed of reality: in Olt Roman camps existed and Caput Arutela Stenarum.

But Tower Broken succeeded, at least in recent years to gather the ulte information that collide head (if not beat even plains), the historical truth – “thin” and he in information – leaving the place of eopoei worthy a new series of The Lord of the Rings. We thus learn that Broken Tower or Halberturm or dupe other sources Gebrochener Turm was built …. Dacian (?!?) With Roman slaves that have a complex underground tunnels secret of course that’s Dacia Decebal (obviously!) hit back troops invaders Romanians “vain tried these give them ago, mighty Decebal were like ghost that sprang up in various places, because then disappear roads underworld known only by them.” I quote from the story, pardon article published by the website “Holiday and travel”. Here we find the story … breaking tower “broken” as he called: in 1438, by the Turks. Why it or be “crushed” only half, it does not say …

A more “down to earth” we have an edition of Dilema Veche, which reveals that the Broken Tower was built in 1501 and partially collapsed in 1533 because of an outpouring of Olt. Working plausible but quite uncertain because just the side facing Olt has remained whole.

Beyond speculation or fantasy jurnalistico-romantic fortification Tower Spart was raised, according to experts, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, archaeological excavations conducted here in 1991 revealing traces of medieval fortifications, the buildings constructed later plus “highlighting some burning or deposit levels resulting in flooding. ”

Broken Tower was clearly a border fortification and the current language “border crossing point” between Wallachia and Transylvania. Seated in a way that totally control the road that passes on the banks of Olt from Câineni to Boiţa assembly fortifications consisted of a wall that ran from the mountainside, with an archway to the road and extended beyond the tower until Olt riverbed. Some reconstructions shows that having broken tower at the top level and shooting oil holes and a circular roof and wall with two buttresses and watch road.

The paintings and drawings of antique shows us almost in its current state, observing wall that crossed the old road (Fr. Neuhauser’s paintings) or a one-storey building, probably beyond the quarantine checkpoint that was at River Vad. It was a resting place “overnight” for those who went to Transylvania with shopkeepers, Neuhauser’s paintings showing even a “camp” of this kind with people dressed in the Romanian port camped here with family, horses and cattle.


A survivor


Now, beyond the border fortification Boiţa remained only half the tower, facing the River, and on the mountainside behind the wall at the roadside leading to Ramnicu Valcea. It is relatively easy to get around him, steps from the bridge over the brook Meghiş or “deviation” that “returns” from DN7 is accessible pedestrian and driver. An indicator confirms that this building is a historical monument and a small park can help the driving stop without disrupting maddening traffic in the area.

If the road does not impress too much tower, near it gives you another vision.

Thick walls, stone, sometimes, in the openings, vaulted brick, like the battlements at the top. Traces massive arches, the entrance from the road to watch the former wall, are easily identifiable, like the following wall “entering” in Islamabad. Openings in turn are semicircular arch and a section excavated during archaeological investigations since 1991 and now is visible. around, pieces of stone and brick. Olt from the plaster on the wall is in relatively good condition.

The terrain is uneven to the road because they cant works from the communist era, traces of the old road – the remains of a bridge is still visible.

The place is now one stopover. The crowd of trash, beverage containers of any kind, traces of fire “barbecue” observing everywhere, even at the base of the tower wall.

The decor is – let’s say – and ruined a lot of ballast, a likely remnant works to protect the area from flooding.

A charm in breach Tower has just burst. It is a section performed by a specialist, and with a little imagination, you can make the idea of ​​what it looked like when it was functional and I explained the reasons that led to the invention of so many legends about him. First it does not have the elegance of the city towers Sibiu. It is crude, particularly because of material used Stone. The massive walls are thick, just to cover possible flooding of the Olt or prăvălirilor of boulders on the mountainside.

It is – still – in a unique setting, even romantic waterfront, bordered by wooded mountains. Yet it was only a border fortification.

Unfortunately, you can “climb” into unless you have ambitions Broken Tower climber. We can say that it is a survivor. It was flooded, fires made of clouds over hundreds of years of “trafficking” have burned (massiveness also protects against eternal wind blowing on the Olt Valley, many extension works of the road to Sibiu have broken He and walls that were here. However, “half turn” is standing now, after hundreds of years.

Yes, the appearance of the place still feels insurmountable. Imagine how he felt passing traveler or merchant “border” around here, that sense of “here does not go fly.” However, past. Parallel to the road on the Olt Valley, there is another way seen nowadays. Start from Boiţa, take over steep mountains and bypassed any customs “thieves road” where Romanians could move freely from any control or paying any fees.


What can be done …


Claiming that Spart be fully restored tower is a utopia. primarily because no one knows how it looked before being broken and reconstitution of the towers at the Citadel of Sibiu hardly beat the reality on the ground, carrying the argument traces of battlements built and appearance of the tower in the nineteenth century in Neuhauser’s paintings. However, it should be somewhere urgently necessary location of a tip of Buno, to not give reason to leave their debris grataragiu hikers where they can. Similarly, a panel explanatory beyond the indicator that there is a turn broken which is a historical monument would be welcome, as some minimum protection works against floods since the Olt is a few tens of centimeters below from the base of the tower . As well as historians -History to descend to the level omuluid it all and publish monographs available as reading to counteract historic dacismele and fantasy stories in publications like “holidays and travel”. Maybe include a sightseeing tour of the border cities of Sibiu area. The tower can be saved, if not “breaking” and the other half, even forgetting and mystification.


Broken Tower has seen many movements of armies, for shipments to and from Wallachia, the First World War. Next he went peasants, merchants, artisans, nobles and princes. It was the place to finish Transylvania and Wallachia began. How and why it broke, it is still unclear whether or not we found out. The fact is that it is now moving past him, thanks to the road. and would have liked, when getting on here to make a stop at the Broken Tower. If you can, PET or carton of beer thrown away without barbecue. And consider that imitators sentry guarding Transylvania, or entire generations of hikers who went to or came from Transylvania