Sibiu, a city of 170,000 people, seems quite large for its population, even though most tourists won’t have to venture outside the conveniently-walkable city central area. In fact, try to walk as much as you can, as only in this way can you sample Sibiu’s more remote gems, hidden behind lanes in the middle of the city and crooked, cobbled alleys taking you a step back in history. If you need a guide to take you on a private and personalized tour of the city and the surroundings ask at Casa Luxembourg and they will recommend reliable people. Bike rentals are available also from the info centre at Casa Luxembourg.

Public transport

If you do need to venture outside the medieval city limits, the local public transport operator TurSib offers reliable services. These services may be useful if you’re staying in hotels, pensions or homestays outside the city centre or would like to visit some of the wonderful villages surrounding Sibiu, for a taste of Romanian country life and stunning Transylvanian scenery.


During both visits to Sibiu I always enquired beforehand the price of the journey from the taxi driver. In this way rather than renting a car I could agree on a price and have the driver run me to the place I desired, some distance out of town, wait for me for about half an hour, with the mete off and start the meter again on the return journey. In this win-win situation I had the taxi at my beck and call, and the taxi firm saved on petrol from having the taxi get back empty to the city and being called again to the outlaying village. At times I was lucky in having the hotel reception finding me a taxi driver who could speak English. In particular I found one of German descent who was very courteous, knowledgeable and found him agreeable. He was a fast but safe driver, unlike another one who even had the cheek to bring along his girlfriend at one time! So be warned, they come in all sorts.