General details:
  • Landing - Takeoff : Sibiu
  • Duration : 4 zile
  • Day of arrival : Tuesday
Ziua Activitati Cazare
1  Sibiu  Brukenthal Palace
2  Brasov  Hotel in Brasov
3  Brasov  Hotel in Brasov
4  Sibiu  Brukenthal Palace
Tour map
Transylvania’s Brown Bear Night & Wolf Howling Night – 4 days via Sibiu

So you’ve reached a point where you want to try a memorable experience. You’ve reached us than! So simple…

The Bear tracking experience within our Nature experiences is a new experience for us too every time we do it and it simply combines the regular travel experience with the nature.

And not just only nature we’re talking about.
We are talking about nature in Transylvania (the birth place of ruler of Wallachia Vlad the Impaler also known as Dracula. When Bram Stoker visit Transylvania he also found it strange, beautiful but also unknown and undiscovered. We would help to reveal Transylvania and we know Transylvania will discover you too.

610 € /per person

Detailed tour description

Day 1: Sibiu
So you’ve made it! You are in Sibiu now. You will be picked up by your driver at the airport and private transferred to the Summer Residence of Samuel.
In the morning you will be transferred to Brasov.

Day 2: Brasov via Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)
Morning in a glooming city, breakfast and transferred to a completely different city: Brasov. On our way you will be stopped to visit one of the very best Transylvania has to offer: Bran Castle. It’s history will take you back in a time where there wasn’t any computers, smartphones and Facebook. So enjoy it. Afternoon will be spent on your own in Brasov. We do walking tours on demand if you think you want to learn more. Bear Hide in the evening with the Ranger.

Day 3: Brasov – Dracula’s Castle & Bear Sanctuary
After seeing the wildlife and the bears into the bear hide is time to pay a visit to the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti. The Bear Sanctuary where we will meet 84 bears that were released from captivity into the sanctuary in order to live their lives happily free. The Bear Sanctuary (the biggest in Europe) is covering 65 hectares of wood, and has 3 major enclosures. Overnight in Brasov,

Day 4: Sibiu – Brukenthal Palace

Day 5: Fly home
By now Transylvania was only introduced to you as your next spot on the map. The taste of it will remain with you and we know you will come back to it. Just “Bear with us”!




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