Brukenthal`s Palace Avrig

A historical treasure of the Transylvanian baroque

The summer residence of Samuel von Brukenthal has been awakened from its slumber in 2011. For nearly a decade hardly anyone was interested in this historic treasure. The palace as well as the park and its buildings belong to the most important monuments from the time of the Transylvanian Baroque. In Southern Transylvania, it is indeed the only surviving baroque ensemble at all.


The only baroque park in the south of Transylvania

The park of the Brukenthal summer residence was originally designed as a late baroque garden, which was supplemented during the lifetime of the Baron and even after his death in 1803. As probably the only historic garden in Southern Transylvania, the park has been largely preserved in its original basic structure to this day.

Core of the manor is the baroque park which dates from the late 18th Century. Characteristic for the design of the so called French garden is the orientation towards the castle, from where you have a long-distance view into the garden – apparently reaching the horizon. The strict, symmetrical forms are currently only visible in parts, the original planting is whittled away due to decades of neglect – Brukenthal´s tulip trees is one of the few exceptions. Nevertheless, during the past years reconstruction activities have taken place in order to put the garden gradually in the former state.

Brukenthal`s Summer garden @soundofice
Brukenthal`s main entrance to the park


The Orangery is the heart of the Baroque park

The Orangery, idyllic located in the middle of the park is the main attraction for visitors of the Brukenthal summer residence. The historic edifice was built from 1770 to 1779 from plans by Samuel von Brukenthal. We have laboriously restored it in the years 2011 and 2012, complementing the historic charm with elegant, modern comfort. Our guests will find in this unique baroque building newly renovated guest rooms, a romantic restaurant and two multifunctional halls for events, seminars and conferences.


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