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Looking for Dracula or Jean-Claude Van Damme? Try Hotel of Ice Balea Lake, Carpathian Mountains, Romania…and you’ll find much more!

Those who think that Dracula is still somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains, should try to find him at Balea Lake, in the ice hotel.

This month starts the rebuilding of the 10’th Hotel of Ice Balea Lake, in Romania. The Tourism Marketing Project Hotel of Ice – Balea Lake Romania comes this year with a new challenge for the visitors: the theme Zodiac!
Hotel of Ice Balea Lake is also the place where Jean-Claude Van Damme filmed the new Coors Light commercial spot directed by Rattling Stick’s Daniel Kleinman. (Coors Light commercial ).

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Rebuilt every year in a new shape, Hotel of Ice Balea will offer this season 12 rooms representing the 12 astrological signs. The construction process will begin, as always, at the end of November and the 10’th Hotel of Ice will expect its first guests on December 20’th.

The hotel will associate it’s image with a gorgeous ballerina for this anniversary season. With 10 years of performance and over 100 medals and cups won in competitions in the country and abroad, Francesca Baciu is the image of the Ice Hotel from Balea Lake, Romania. (watch Francesca’s performance here:

The Tourism Marketing Project “Hotel of Ice – Balea Lake” was perceived from the very beginning as a very important attraction, representative for Romania’s winter tourism in Carpathian Mountains. Every winter, Hotel of Ice is rebuilt as a new project and a new theme. Large blocks of ice are cut from glacial lake Balea, becoming the new walls of the building.

The furniture, the statues and even the plates, glasses and ashtrays, are all made by cold ice. The craftsmen and sculptors will make possible this true ice miracle by inventive and original creations, and the hotel will be open for tourists from around the world before Christmas.

Hotel of Ice Balea Lake is in the top list of the tourist’s preferences worldwide for the adventurers who choose to give the warmth of a typical hotel room accommodation on the fascinating experience in a hotel where everything is frozen. The temperature is constant inside, maintaining between -2 and +3 degrees Celsius, and those who choose to accommodate the ice rooms will have sleeping bags, warm furs and blankets.

In March 2014, Hotel of Ice Balea Lake was included in the world’s top tourist attractions! Financial Post’s electronic edition introduced Hotel of Ice Balea Lake in top 100 worldwide destinations to be visited (“100 trips everyone should take in their lifetime”

This season, Hotel of Ice Balea Lake will be rebuilt for the 10’th time, with the artistic theme “Zodiac”. “The hotel will have 12 rooms, each representing an astrological sign. 2014 is the year when we put the sky map with it’s entire zodiac down on Balea Lake. Artists are already preparing to implement their creativity into the ice blocks. The decor, the lighting and the name of each room will be chosen to reconstruct the twelve zodiac signs. Hotel of Ice is a challenge, a thought born from the desire to bring something new in Romanian tourism, something that combines adventure and fun with the latest concepts of existing tourism promotions. Along with the Hotel of Ice, will be rebuilt the “satellites”, meaning a structure of three igloo type rooms, joined together by a central hall and corridors. We’ll rebuilt also the already famous Ice Church”, explained Arnold Klingeis, the developer of Tourism Marketing “Hotel of Ice – Balea Lake”.

As the fans already know, the hotel will have in the central hall the Ice Bar and the Ice Restaurant, where the guests will be served with dishes placed on ice plates and they’ll drink from ice glasses.

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Each room will receive it’s guests with ice statues, ice chandeliers and a double bed placed on a platform of ice. As tourists already were accustomed, the hotel will be located near the funicular stop of Balea Lake.

This real magnet for tourists, both romanian and foreign, was visited every year by about 15,000 people. The party at the Hotel of Ice starts before Christmas, ending the next year in April, sometimes in May, depending on the weather conditions.