Ice Hotel Romania – Trips, Tranylvania and Dracula

Ice Hotel Romania – What a cold experience you would say! Yes ladies and gentelmans it is cold! But the experience it self is really “hot”. Ice Hotel in Romania was first built in 2005 and it only had 3 rooms. It was more of casemate and not a proper Ice Hotel like in other countries.
But there is something really special about this Ice Hotel in Romania. The contruction is made at 6699ft and they use ice bricks from the existing lake up there called Balea Lake. The construction last for bout 3 weeks and ussualy is ready before Christmas. Unfortunately in the spring (end of April) it begins to melt making the Ice Hotel Romania transform into water again. During the summer thousands of people go up there by driving either their own cars into the greatest road of the world as the guys from Top Gear describes in one of episodes of their tv series.
Up there you can do: Ice Skating, Snowmobiling, Snowball fights, Tunnel trek, Stars watching etc.
You have to wear: Boots, Overalls, basically winter clothing.
Please do not come up there with snickers, high heels, T-shirts etc. Temperatures drops to -25 C Sometimes it snows so much that the snow can be 2-3 meters so be aware of this when you decide to do this experience. 
The New Years eve may become an amazing Ice Hotel Romania Party. You start with the dinner in the Chalet or in the Ice Hotel (dinning in the Ice Hotel Romania restaurant on ice plates, and having romanian snaps).
Overall is a great experience if you decide to travel with a company that caries everething from you from Transportation & Accomodation till involving into any activities and asist you everytime you need help or have questions.

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