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Grand Boutique Hotel Bucharest

An historic building

Grand Boutique Hotel is housed in the former private residency of named family of Romanian bankers from the early nineteen hundreds. Owners influence and building character and privileged location attracted the visit of many of Romania rich and powerful, including royal family members as well as ambassadors and foreign personalities of that time. We tried to preserve these memories of the building by naming each of the 19 guest rooms after one of those famous personalities.

Tales of history

The ballroom’s Venetian mirrors, marbles columns, sculpted stairs, the original bank safe carefully integrated in the recent complete renovation work, create such an authentic atmosphere that you almost expect seeing the personages that used to gather for the fabulous receptions.

The carefully carved wooden stair, the safe and the stove are not just art works or refined decorative objects, they are characters in the local charming story and you’ll discover them as you step through our doors.