General details:

  • Landing - Takeoff : Sibiu
  • Duration : 4 days
  • Day of arrival :


Tour map

Short Trip to the Hotel of Ice

Tour Includes:
2 nights B&B in Brukenthal Palace – 1 night B&B Ice Hotel
Transfers All-in country
Bi-lingual Guide & our Booklet, welcome drink

Free /per person

Detailed tour description

Day 1 – Brukenthal Palace – Sibiu

So you’ve made it! You are in Sibiu now. Your driver will be transferring you to Brukenthal Palace, the former summer residence of Samuel Von Brukenthal (one of the Local Barons of the 17th century). The palace was raised by him as a summer residence and the gardens of Palace designed in the Baroque Style will make your mornings more colorful. You will be greeted with a refreshing elder flower juice freshly picked up and transformed in juice. You will spent the first night at the Palace. Day 2: Balea Lake – The Ice Hotel Ready for fun? Morning departure to Dracula’s Castle to resolve the myth. Departure to the Ice Hotel at noon. Afternoon in Balea Lake Chalet. Evening in the “cold Ice Hotel”.

Day 3 – Brukenthal Palace – Sibiu

Enjoy a relaxing stay after playing all day with snow and do the Ice Hotel Activities before your departure. There is nothing more special for this than the Brukenthal Palace that will warm you up after the experience into The Ice Hotel “Back in 17th Century – this is the motto”

Day 4 – Sibiu – Airport Transfer

By now Transylvania was only introduced to you as your next spot on the map. The taste of it will remain with you and we know you will come back to it. Just “Bear with us”! downloadpdf4