Communist Glass Factory Avrig

Avrig Glass Factory, once an emblem of the village, the last and largest of Glassware that operated along time in the Land of Fagaras / Country Olt (Arpaşul Upper Cârţişoara, Porumbac Upper Avrig). Porumbac displaced from the top half of the nineteenth century glass factory in Avrig has started with artisans brought from Bohemia and from Murano. Having become emblematic of the area under communism, has developed and modernized factory producing glassware and yellow crystal engraved and painted, mostly export based production.

Unfortunately, the post-revolutionary was not a happy one for Glass Avrig, but … with a much smaller production, far fewer workers, factory still resists. Who knows, maybe … a rising again ?! At least for the sake of glory times …

Worth remembering as now, not a few of the old site, and the locals are those who say “glaja” instead of glass. a special kind of regionalism called “ardelenizat” the noun “glas” (Glass) in German.

Today the Glassware still exist and it is struggling with the cheep Chinese market that along with the embargo was lifted the profit of the factory is “big enough” to pay the bills and the workers.

Today only 100 people works here. This happened with all of Romania’s industry. Either privatized. Either demolished.

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