About us

“Culture and Nature” is actually a “slice” of “Project Transylvania” that we initiated some years ago, the idea to develop in this fabulous space, concrete actions to increase the quality of tourism management; winter tourism infrastructure development, to the rural and cultural; conservation and protection of natural values ​​in the practice of eco-tourism can be beneficial to all, equally, for nature and people. We forwarded notable in many areas of this endeavor by launching, for example, tourism market, the brand “Hotel and Ice Complex – Balea Lac”; We then created all conditions for education in the coming year to open post-secondary course of School of Tourism Brukenthal; also develop sustainable tourism through “CULT TOUR” – which allows tourists to appreciate our other values ​​similar to those of Transylvania (Avrig) and Greece – Alexandroupolis in Bulgaria – Tarnovo, Italy – Taranto.
The summer residence in Avrig Brukenthal offer a natural and unadulterated aesthetic of past 200 years, with the possibility of transfer of tourists here to make through to any other requested destination. The sequence of the 10 editions impeccable midwinter of “Transylvanian Alps” – certified in writing (the “White Paper” of the Hotel de Joel) of dozens of tourists who spend here moments, such is unique in the whole Southeastern Europe this ineffable place, justifies the effort to provide quality service and continuous availability to respond to requests for extensions of stays or completing any other destinations required by the “nature and culture”.
Coordinators hold these activities individually, practical experiences and studies profile form a homogenous whole dynamic and materialize sustainable development strategy and the current tourism marketing.