Merry Cemetery

The Merry Cemetery (Romanian: Cimitirul Vesel pronounced [t͡ʃimiˈtirul ˈvesel]) is a cemetery in the village of Săpânța, Maramureş county,Romania. It is... View Article


During the 12th century, German craftsmen and merchants known as theTransylvanian Saxons were invited to Transylvania by the King of... View Article

Rasnov Fortress

Approximately halfway between Brasov and Bran, the town of Rasnov was founded around 1225 by German Teutonic Knights. Rasnov’s impressive... View Article

Peles Castle

Historical context: The Peleş Castle was built at the initiative of King Charles I, to serve as a summer residence, invested... View Article

Arc de Triuph

In Bucharest were raised and other triumphal arches, with temporary existence in 1848, 1859, 1878, 1906 and 1918, but after... View Article

Bran Castle

Bran is one of the oldest castles in Romania . Now is the most visited tourist attraction in Romania and... View Article