Casa hirscher 2

Casa Hirscher

Casa Hirscher, also known as “the house of merchandise” was built between 1539-1545. Apollonia Hirscher, wife of former county of Brasov, Lukas Hirscher, built this house on her expenses as a tribute to the memory of her husband, “small in stature but big of wisdom”. Designed in the style of the old western buildings, with many rooms and vaulted cellars for the goods brought in weekly to be held for the fairs that were held at “the Square”, alongside “starling fairs”, “clothes fairs” or “flower fairs”, with pilasters and arches between witch the skilled craftsmen of the 50 guilds of Brasov displayed their products, the building was for centuries a symbol of prosper economic life, among major European crossroads. Casa HirscherCasa Hirscher 3