Bran Castle

Bran is one of the oldest castles in Romania . Now is the most visited tourist attraction in Romania and one of the most expensive properties in the world. Basics castle were laid by the Teutonic Knights in 1225, when it was built a wooden fortification . The Saxons arrived in 1377 in Brasov seat of King Louis of Hungary asked for permission to construct the people and the money them a new city . Thus was born the Bran Castle, which has been used by Sigismund of Luxemburg, king and king of Hungary as a strategic base in 1395 when Prince Vlad usurper deposed rival Mircea the Elder. The castle was fortress for centuries and that is why the myth of Dracula , thanks to Brian Stocker ‘s book . It seems that Vlad Tepes never lived in Bran, but did Dracula castle faimon worldwide . In 1920 Brasov City Council donated Bran Castle to Queen Maria as gratitude for the Great Union of 1918 . Bran came into state ownership in 1948 and was restored in the 90s . In 2000 Bran was claimed by Dominic of Habsburg. Archduke castle became the property in 2009 and was forced to remobilize as Romanian State moved from there collections that we have owned. Bran Castle was ranked second in Forbes most expensive properties in the world, estimated at 140 million dollars. Bran Castle is the most visited tourist attraction in Romania and make a profit of one million euros per year.

One of the most imposing monuments of Romania is in the Bran – Rucăr . The Bran Castle is approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Brasov , on the road that goes through the old neighborhood Bartholomew and linking Brasov to Campulung , first capital of the Romanian Land , where they meet with Bucegi Mountains National Park .
Built on a rock, Bran Castle houses the Museum , museum spans four storeys . And although foreign tourists annually come looking Dracula legend and mythical user side accentuates its history fascinates both Bran Castle
The first documentary attestation of Bran Castle is the act issued on November 19, 1377 that the Hungarian king Louis I of Anjou. Through this document , Brasov the privilege to build a stone castle in Bran . Between 1419-1424, the city becomes the property of another Hungarian king Sigismund , which is allied to Mr Land Romanian Mircea the Old, against the Turks .At the end of the fifteenth century , the fortress was subject to the authority of the Committee Székely , Transylvania, passing under the reign of Iancu de Hunedoara . Bran connection with Vlad Tepes was recorded in this period . Specifically, Hunyadi commissioned after losing Prince of Romanian throne by passers defense to Transylvania , transient guarded fortress .
After the Union of 1918 so far
Bran Castle History continues , and on December 1 , 1920, City Council donated the castle of Brasov Romanian Queen Mary, a symbol of gratitude due to its contribution to the Great Union of 1918.
The castle was restored between 1920-1927 in the Royal Court architect , Carol Liman . During Queen Mary , Bran Castle known its peak as a royal residence , one of his favorite places . The guide also informs tourists eager heart stories that Queen Mary was buried for a short time, to Bran .
Although in 1938 , the daughter of Queen Mary , Princess Ileana , the castle will receive through in 1948 the royal family was banished from the country by the communist regime and Bran Castle became the property of the Romanian state. Ten years after the communist regime in Romania , Bran Castle was opened as a museum of history and feudal art . Status Castle degradation led to its closure in 1987 and its reopening until 1993 , following restoration .

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